Asheville, North Carolina
Cakes and Bread
Preservative free & made from scratch!
Prices subject to change without notice
due to volatile ingredient costs
Buttermilk Honey Sandwich Bread -
NC honey and buttermilk make a tasty sandwich bread! Great for French toast Sunday morning according to my customers. I agree!
Loaf - (Approximately 9 x 5 x 4.5 inches) $5.00  Cash or Venmo to @butterbugs
It's BACK!!! Order your loaves of Buttermilk N.C. honey sandwich bread by Sunday evening via text to 828-712-9402 or email to Wendi@butterbugs.com for pickup Tuesday afternoons between 3:30 and 6:30.
Just text me your first and last name and how many loaves you would like. #organicflour
Cupcakes -
Vanilla Sour Cream or Dark Chocolate. Choose Vanilla Italian Buttercream, Chocolate Frosting, or Cream Cheese.
Each - $3.25 with minimum order of 12    Sprinkles - add $5.00/dozen
Chocolate Cake -
Moist, dark chocolate cake with choice of dark chocolate frosting or vanilla Italian buttercream.
6" - $42.00  8" - $48.00  9" - $52.00
Vanilla Sour Cream Cake -
Vanilla cake filled and topped with your choice of dark chocolate or vanilla Italian buttercream.
6" - $42.00  8" - $48.00  9" - $52.00
Coconut Cream Layer Cake -
aka Coco Crazy Cake
Coconut cake layers filled with coconut cream filling, coconut buttercream and covered with coconut Italian buttercream and toasted coconut.
6" - $46.00  8" - $53.00  9" - $58.00
All Cake orders include writing and basic border, flowers and/or rosette design.

Butterbug’s Extras:

~ Want to add filling
   or specialty frosting?
Filling choices: Strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, lemon. Specialty frostings: Chocolate ganache; strawberry, raspberry or blueberry buttercream.
6" - add $8.00  8" - add $10.00  9" - add $12.00
~ Want to add a pop of color?
We have lots of Sprinkles and edible glitter to choose from!
add $5.00 - $10.00 per cake. We can do special sprinkle designs for additional cost.
~ Want extra decorations (extra flowers, special border)?
6" - starting at $8.00  8" - starting at $10.00  9" - starting at $12.00
Custom designed cakes are priced based on design and type of cake.