In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, I am taking extra precautions opening the bakery each day to make sure my customers stay healthy!

1. Take temperature as soon as I come through front door. Can't be too safe!!
2. Take outdoor shoes off and put bakery shoes on.
3. Wash hands with scalding hot water and hot as I can stand it and after 20 years of baking it's REALLY HOT!
4. Put clean smock on, mask and gloves.
5. Re-sanitize tables, mixers, light switches, handles to fridges and freezers, and water handles. I use a diluted bleach solution that's a little stronger than suggested. I don't mind the smell. (I do all of the wipe down before I leave every day and do it again in the a.m. because it can't hurt during these times. Plus, it's a good way to get my blood flowing. )
6. Put dishes away.
7. BAKE!!
8. I also add bleach to my already hot and soapy dish water.

I hope this helps y'all feel good about ordering from me. I truly appreciate your business during this super tough time. Don't forget...I have shippable goodies to put a smile on all the faces of your quarantined friends and family!
Asheville, North Carolina